It Pays To Get Your Vehicle Detailed

If you wash your car, it usually looks shiny afterward. But if you’re looking to deep clean your car, an auto detail does a lot more than that. A professional cleaning will help keep your vehicle’s value and save you money. You can search for any of the auto detailing raleigh nc shops to find one near you.


Before the detailing starts, the vehicle must be evaluated to determine what is needed. Is the paint scratched, or does it have embedded particles in it? Are there bug remnants all over the front bumper? Do the tires need work?


The first step is to use a power washer to get any loose dirt off. Once the exterior is dried by hand, a clay bar can be used to remove any contaminants embedded in the paint. Next, a car polishing machine is used to make the exterior shine and remove any swirls or paint imperfections. The tires and wheels need extra cleaning because they are exposed to brake dust, tar and other contaminants from the roads. If the tires have not been cleaned regularly, they will need a tire brush and a quality tire and wheel cleaner to get all the grime off. After that, a sealant and tire shine product can be applied to make them stand out.


Now that the outside is done, the interior should have a make-over also. A good vacuuming is needed first. Then wipe down all the windows with glass cleaner and dry with a microfiber towel. The upholstery, floor mats and carpeting should be steam cleaned, even if it doesn’t show any stains.

Detailing Extras

Certain vehicles will require other steps to finish the detailing. Pickup trucks have the truck bed that needs specific cleaning methods. Convertibles need to have the cover cleaned with a special cleaner to remove any mold that has grown from moisture on the fabric.

Now Keep It Clean

After all these steps are followed, your vehicle should look like new. Regular cleanings of the interior and exterior means you don’t have to detail as often. Regular maintenance will extend the life of the vehicle, improve the appearance and maintain the paint’s condition. Your vehicle is an investment, so it pays to take care of it.